Trans Cinema is a continually updating resource dedicated to depictions and representations of transgender, gender non-conforming, and all other non-cisgender identities under the umbrella in TV and film. We highly encourage suggestions.



Non-Cis Cinema is a resource website dedicated to collecting the many different films and television programs which have portrayed trans characters and real-life trans figures, and giving trans people a platform to speak on these portrayals. “Non-cis” in this case includes all gender identities which do not fall under the category of cisgender (identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth).


While this site, Non-Cis Cinema, is meant to be a resource for people to hear trans voices on trans depictions in motion-picture media, that does not mean it only houses positive depictions. This site very much has, within its catalog, offensive and harmful depictions of trans folks. However, it’s important to not simply forget these horrendous, stereotyped presentations ever happened. We can use them as a teaching tool in the future of how NOT to portray a trans person. At the same time, the positive depictions cataloged on this site can also be used as a teaching tool.

This blog, by itself, is meant to be an objective collection of trans characters in television and film. The reviews posted on here, however, are absolutely subjective, and you may or may not agree with them. It is important to note that all reviews posted will be strictly from non-cis points of view, and that is something to keep in mind.


Do you have a recommendation or suggestion of something to add to this site? Do you want to leave feedback on how we’re running this operation? Do you want to be a part of the team and help us out? Just wanna say “hi”? Let us know below! (Feel free to put your name as “Anonymous” if you so desire.)